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     Send us your gently used cloth diapers  and we'll send you a store credit!Guidelines for trading Gently Used Diapers for store credit or...how to get the most credit for your diapers!

    Values quoted for store credit are based on the following conditions:
    1. Diapers are clean, stain-free, and odor-free
    2. Velcro is lint-free and in good condition
    3. Snaps are all functional
    4. No holes or tears
    5. Diapers are first quality and current version, no second marks or cut tags
    6. Fleece or suedecloth are white and mostly pill-free
    7. Diapers are not faded or discolored
    8. Diapers are free of pet hair
    9. PUL is in good condition - no snags, holes, or cracks
    10. We cannot accept co-op brand diapers (examples: Alva, Happy Flute, Coolababy, etc)

    Before sending us your diapers, prep them to get the highest credit:

    1. Check for stains.  If there are any stains, wash the diapers and lay them in a sunny spot (inside or outside).  By the time the diapers are dry, most stains will have disappeared.  Diapers may need to be rewashed after sunning since soil and dust often blows onto them.  Stains caused by rash creams can often be removed by scrubbing with Dawn dishsoap.
    2. Check elastic.  Is it still springy and does it still mould nicely to the leg?  Does the elastic on both legs match in length? 
    3. Velcro/aplix/hook&loop.  Clean out the lint using a fine comb. 
    4. Inserts.  Check for stains and odors.  Bleach if necessary (light bleach, do NOT bleach diapers)
    5. Snaps.  Double check to be sure all snaps are functional. 
    6. Tags.  Brand name tags and wash instruction tags should be present and uncut. 
    7. Once your diapers are clean, stain-free, fluffy, and fully inspected, put the diaper together.  Inserts folded and tucked inside (not in the pocket, just laid in the diaper) and snaps or velcro fastened neatly. 

    Values quoted are quotes only, not a guaranteed price.  Once we receive diapers, we will inspect them.  If they meet the guidelines above according to our standards, they will receive the quoted store credit.  Inserts and diapers are considered separately, so don't worry if you don't have inserts with your diapers.  We reserve the right to refuse returned diapers for any reason.  Diapers that arrive damp, stained, or with an odor will be refused. 

    Store credit will be issued within 3 business days once we receive the diapers.  You will receive an email listing your credit.  Credits do not expire and can be used anytime, just like a gift certificate.  You can combine credits on single orders. 

    If you don't see your diaper, insert, or accessory quoted, email us for a quote.  We usually grant 20-30% of the retail price based on product type.  We are happy to consider almost anything cloth related with a few exceptions: 

    We do not accept rash creams, lotions, sprays, wipe solutions, etc as these are personal care items.  We most likely will not accept diaper sprayers as they have many small parts that are easily lost. 

    When you're ready to ship diapers to us, send them to the address below.  We recommend buying shipping confirmation if you are mailing them through the post office.  Insurance is at your discretion, we are not responsible for diapers we do not receive or that arrive damaged.

    5729 Main St #155
    Springfield, OR 97478