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    My name is Heather and I had a dream to start a cloth diaper shop after my first child was born.  She had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away, no matter what I tried.  Then I stumbled on cloth diapers...blah blah blah.

    Seriously.  We ALL have the same story.  You've read it a million times already. 

    Why are we different from all the other stores?  Because WE are YOU.  You worry about money?  So do we.  Your kid smears...stuff...all over her crib?  So did ours.  Sometimes you use disposables?  Yep, us too. 

    Do I want to talk about diapers and poop for the rest of my life?  Heck NO!  No more than you do!  LOL 

    But there's this: when I consider everything I've ever done, every job I've ever worked, I realize again how much I LOVE my business. The passion for diapers may have worn a little thin (I mean, come on, we've been open since 2005...that's a LOT of poop talk), but my passion for mothers and babies is as strong as it has ever been. And considering I still have 3 in diapers, it's still very relevant to my own life and experience. I WANT to be there for that mom whose baby has an unrelenting rash. I WANT to help the mother who has to choose between food and diapers.



    Providing cloth diapers that you can actually afford, that don't leak all over your knee, and that are ridiculously cute, guaranteed.*

     My family... Cloth Diaper Outlet

    Four of our kids, and my husband (who is NOT one of the kids ).  The original CDO Kid is the one with the glorious long hair.  She doesn't wear diapers anymore, but those other three short people still do.